Peter Kwa


I enjoy making noises on the grand piano in my living room and
on the keyboards in my small hobby studio, under the pseudonym LivingRoomMusician, LRM in short. Here are some samples:

My Grand Piano

Abba Brahms Improv - every noise I make is improvised :-)

Around the World in 80 days - movie theme song, by Victor Young

Wiegenlied - the most famous lullaby of them all, by Johannes Brahms

Do your ears hang low? - no, that's not me yelling, that's the keyboard, LOL

Froehlicher Landmann - one of the happiest songs I know, by Robert Schumann

Jingle Bells - by James Lord Pierpont, celebrating winter time

Frozen Niagara Falls February 2015

Bengawan Solo - by the great Gesang Martohartono There is no mp3 yet, I am still working on a musical arrangement that will hopefully do justice to this most beautiful song. I had the honour of having visited the great man at his home in Solo, Indonesia on July 29, 2008.

Peter Kwa and Gesang Martohartono

Que Sera, Sera - by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans ... the future will bring more music :-)

© Peter Kwa