Peter Kwa


I enjoy making music on the grand piano in my living room and on the keyboards in my small hobby studio. Here are some samples:

My Grand Piano

Abba Brahms Improv - every noise I make is improvised :-)

Chopin Etude Op. 10 No.3 - my rendition is a bit faster than usual :-)

Around the World in 80 days - movie theme song, by Victor Young

Wiegenlied - the most famous lullaby of them all, by Johannes Brahms

Turkey in the Straw - American folk song, see Wikipedia Donate to Wikipedia

Froehlicher Landmann - one of the happiest songs I know, by Robert Schumann

Jingle Bells - by James Lord Pierpont, celebrating winter time

Frozen Niagara Falls February 2015

Bengawan Solo - by the great Gesang Martohartono There is no mp3 yet, I am still working on a musical arrangement that will hopefully do justice to this most beautiful song. I had the honour of having visited the great man at his home in Solo, Indonesia on July 29, 2008.

Peter Kwa and Gesang Martohartono

Que Sera, Sera - by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans ... the future will bring more music :-)

© Peter Kwa