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Welcome to my hobby website! My name is Peter Kwa. I have been making ASCII art cartoons since the mid 1990's. ASCII art refers to pictures made using computer keyboard characters. I created the The 'steins starring Frogstein, Birdstein, Devilstein, and other 'stein characters. 'stein characters are the smallest ASCII art pictures that are still capable of facial expressions and body language, and hence ideal for making cartoons. I adopted the pseudonym Pete Casso that was suggested by a fan. Note in the example below, how Birdstein's eyes change at the moment she kisses Frogstein. Noticing such details increases your enjoyment!


And here I am as the LivingRoomMusician ...

Samples of my music can be found here LRM Furthermore, I am proud of a couple of optical illusions that I have created.

This hobby website is naturally a work in progress, so come back from time to time, and ENJOY!

Some highlights of what people have said:

This is pure genius and has brightened my day (and several others) considerably. Brilliant. Keep it up, please. - Simon E. Brown MSc FIMI FBIPP FBPA Director, Photography, Illustration and AV Centre, University College London

Would I be correct in assuming that you have a mild taste for the bizarre? - OOhSuzanna

... that pair of comical animals ... must say that you're quite something in bringing out a unique sense of humour from the simplest details on screen - Chin Ying Duan

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